Building Our Shared Future:
Our People

Employment Practices

Our people are the core of our success and we depend on skilled, hard-working and empowered employees to contribute to our business.

We strive to be an employer of choice, and to create a culture of collaboration, inclusiveness and acceptance at all levels of the organization, through hiring, promotion and worker-to-worker relationships. In all jurisdictions where we operate, we comply with local employment laws. We adhere to the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and are committed to fair and equitable employment practices throughout our operations.

We are dedicated to providing opportunities to maximize local employment, and our Rainy River project and New Afton Mine are great examples, with the majority of employees being residents of the local area and active members of the community. Our Participation Agreements with local Aboriginal communities near our Canadian operations also provide employment and training opportunities.

Employee Development

One of New Gold’s core values is to develop our employees. This means employees receive regular feedback on their job performance and an individualized development plan that supports them in reaching their full potential. We require our directors, employees and contractors to understand their accountabilities and demonstrate leadership and commitment to sustainable development through effective health, safety, environment and social responsibility management. Personal performance related to health, safety, environmental and social responsibility is considered in allocation of bonuses as well as in career progression.

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

New Gold has an inclusive approach that respects diversity and a zero-tolerance policy with respect to discrimination on illegal grounds, and verbal, physical and sexual harassment.

The global mining industry faces significant challenges in increasing the participation of women in its workforce. Historically women have had lower participation rates than men in mining-related education programs and occupations, as well as in executive positions in this sector.

New Gold supports gender diversity in the workplace and ensures that gender plays no factor in salary and bonus calculations, but we recognize that recruiting and retaining women at our sites is a challenge for us as well. Gender diversity has been identified as a topic of significance for our sector and for our company. In 2015 our first female Director joined the New Gold Board of Directors. Across our company, women represent 15% of our direct employees.

The Cerro San Pedro Mine is an excellent example of our efforts to ensure we are an inclusive employer. The operation was recognized in 2009 as an “Inclusive Company” by the State Government of San Luis Potosí for its employment of seniors and people with disabilities, and has been endorsed as a “Socially Responsible Company” by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy every year since 2010. In 2013 and 2014, Cerro San Pedro was also recognized by the Mexican Ministry of Labour with the designation of “Family Responsible Company”.

Collective Bargaining and Freedom of Association

At all New Gold operations, workers enjoy the right to freedom of association as provided by applicable labour laws. We strive to include all levels of employees in decision-making processes and have not experienced strikes or lockouts at our operations to date.

On December 31, 2016, approximately 42% of Cerro San Pedro employees – 4% of New Gold’s employees – were covered by a collective bargaining agreement.